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Link Financial Ltd is a debt purchasing company or debt collecting company listed in the site of




Name: Link Financial Ltd
Also Known As: Link Debt Collectors, Link Financial Limited, Link Financial London.
Address: Camelford House, 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TP
Fax: 0207 7932660


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Link Financial Ltd and the Truth About Your Debt

Debt purchasing companies (DCAs) make a good profit from buying debts from other companies at a fraction of their total value (about 10 percent or even less) and attempt to get the full value from you. When dealing with Link Financial Ltd it is worth bearing in mind that they make their living by doing this. They will then try to use all sorts of tactics to get money out of you. This includes scaring people to the extent that they cannot even sleep, their relationships decay and their lives may be ruined. All because a greedy company bought information about a debt and wanted to make money from it.

Assuming that you are having to cope with Link Financial Ltd you can draw comfort that a lot of the things they are doing are odd. These debt collecting agencies or DCAs appear under little or no obligation to do anything to improve their working practices unless instructed to by some official organisation or similar body.





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